Where Accuracy Meets Ambition

Founded with the passion of helping B2B SaaS companies thrive, TrueKPIs is committed to give businesses the precise metrics they require for success. We comprehend the significant challenges within the SaaS industry and aim to streamline this journey.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to serve as your all-in-one solution for achieving accurate SaaS metrics.

Two founders with the goal to empower your SaaS business with precision metrics.

Björn Fröhlich
CFO and Operations Expert

Björn brings a wealth of experience as a former CFO, COO, and entrepreneur in residence at renowned companies like Gymhopper (acquired by myclubs), Rentouch (acquired by Scaled Agile), and SmallPDF. With a keen eye for detail, he ensures that processes run smoothly, finances are in perfect order, and metrics, including crucial SaaS metrics like ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and KPIs, are impeccably accurate. His expertise is the bedrock of TrueKPIs' operational excellence.

João Sobral
Chief Technology Officer

Joao is the architect and mastermind behind our technology. Leveraging his prior role as CTO at Gymhopper (acquired by myclubs) and his experience as a seasoned full-stack developer at Interactive Things, he constructs products that not only scale but also provide utmost value to our users. Joao's technical expertise forms the foundation of TrueKPIs' technological prowess

Silvan Krähenbühl
CEO and Sales Maven

Silvan's entrepreneurial journey has seen him as a founder and CEO at companies such as Gymhopper (acquired by myclubs), Bookasleeper, and Rentouch (Acquired by Scaled Agile). As a driving force at TrueKPIs, he leads the charge in sales and ensures that the entire team is aligned and committed to executing our joint mission. Silvan's vision and leadership fuel our growth, making him the backbone of our commercial success.

A dedicated team of professionals committed to your success

We're a diverse group of individuals who share a common goal: to empower SaaS businesses to achieve their true potential. We foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. We're not just a team; we're a community that works towards the success of every partner.






Growing Community

We've engaged with over 300 founders and cultivated a community of more than 500 associates who share their insights and needs with us.

This ongoing dialogue fuels our drive to develop the best product for you. Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the way B2B SaaS companies manage their metrics.

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