The only solution you need to get your SaaS metrics right.

TrueKPIs' real-time metrics provide a complete and accurate picture of your business's performance, enabling effortless decision-making and investor satisfaction.

We offer what SaaS founders and investors have dreamt of

Real-time and accurate
SaaS metrics

Gain real-time insights into your SaaS metrics such as ARR, Net Dollar Retention, Churn, Revenue Recognition, and more.

Eliminate manual effort
and spreadsheet errors

Eliminate the burden of manual data entry and spreadsheet errors. TrueKPIs is your single source of truth for all SaaS metrics.

Streamlined quoting
and invoicing

Improve your quoting and invoicing experience with a tool designed specifically for fast-growing SaaS businesses.

Seamless CRM and
accounting integrations

Seamless integrations with your CRM and accounting data ensure effortless data embedment.


Empower your team with dashboards that not only make investors smile but also enable you to steer your business toward success.

Loved by specialists who value real-time accuracy and hate manual data entry

In operations, gaining a comprehensive view of our business performance is essential. Unfortunately, our current tools fall short, making decision-making a cumbersome process. I'm actively seeking a solution that can streamline operations by delivering real-time metrics and facilitating quicker, data-driven decisions.

Sarah Johnson
SaaS Innovators Inc.

Timely reporting on churn and MRR is imperative. Our current systems lack the capability to provide real-time insights into these critical metrics, making it challenging to respond proactively.

Mark Smith
TechRevolve Solutions

Tracking and mitigating churn has been a constant struggle. Our current tools don't offer real-time insights, making it difficult to identify and address issues promptly. I'm actively seeking a solution that can provide instant visibility into churn trends, helping us refine our strategies in real-time.

Emily Davis
GrowthPro SaaS

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Seamless Accuracy in 3 Steps

Getting accurate real-time metrics should be as straightforward as this.

Connect Your Data

Say goodbye to manual data entry. TrueKPIs seamlessly integrates with your CRM and accounting software. With just a few clicks, you can connect all your relevant data sources.

Create and Send Invoices

Once you acquire a new customer or close a renewal, it's time to create invoices. TrueKPIs makes this process a breeze. Simply generate an invoice within the platform and send it to your customer.

Make accurate decisions

As soon as your invoice is issued, TrueKPIs springs into action. It automatically updates all your dashboard data in real-time. No manual intervention required. Your metrics, including ARR, Net Dollar Retention, and Churn, are always accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to make informed decisions and impress your investors.


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